I've created an abstract environment in which its spaces are always changing and expanding. Each individual work exists for people to explore. And each work provides more views to other places in the environment. There are recurring elements that move from piece to piece, and provide an abstract narrative. Things between works are revealed, extracted, and exchanged. 

I'm interested in buildups and breakdowns, interaction between disparate elements, and the chaotic disruption that is present in these narratives. 

My creative practice uses a wide range of material in various settings. The goal is to transform spaces and the viewer’s perception of the setting. The presentation may be as simple as mounting a sculptural screen onto a wall or as in depth as a full installation. The videos and objects that I make start as modular and adaptable pieces that can be reconfigured in different scenarios. And I would like that modularity and adaptability to travel from the studio into public and private spaces. 

Mixed-media stop-motion videos have become the main element of my studio output. Most of the installations and sculptural work revolve around animated loops made by hand in the studio. These loops are made putting individual photographs into a particular video sequence. The photographs themselves document an array of handmade and augmented objects and materials from my studio. The physical parts in the video become artifacts of past videos and ingredients for future works. I create these objects in wood, resin, plaster, acrylic medium, acrylic glass, aluminum, silicone, paint, repurposed objects, led lights, and more.